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Dear Necati

Larry and I wanted to thank you for a very exciting, informative and restful time with you. Your guidance made it memorable. If in New York please contact us. Larry adds: What is more-your consideration at every step warmth, humanity reflect in every way your culture. And make us want to return to be refurbished with all the above & more of the glories...
Dr's Myra & Lawrence HattererNew York, N.Y.

Dear Mr. Tuncer,

You will be surprised maybe to receive a letter from me, but it has been already long time my intention to let you know that my groups are always very satisfied with your guide-services.

I never wrote you before and must confess, I am ashamed for that. All my clients tell me, without exception, that their trip through Turkey has been a very nice one, especially since you were the guide.
Ph.C. la Chapelle, Tours la Chapelle, Amsterdam

Dear Necati,

My friend, words cannot express the appreciation Dad and I have for you, without you our mission could not have been fulfilled, you are a great ambassador for the people of Turkey and represent what your country is about. I hope we shall be together many times in future.
Jerry T.Marlin, Director of Sales, TRAVEL DESIGNS,

Dear friend,

It is sad to leave your kind guidance-Everyone has said how much you have given them and how kind you have been. some have said they wonder if we will have as good a guide in Greece. More than that, you have made everyone to understand to appreciate Turkey. None of them had any idea what they were going to see. They will all go home and spread the good word about how great Turkey truly is-So, in a great way you have sold your country. We will be seeing each other again; this is just a small thank you for all your trouble & kindnesses, my very best wishes, always.
Vera Adams Carver, Charlottesville,VA

Dear Necati,

Our group arrived in the States tired but very happy with their experience in Turkey. The trip was a great success due in no small part to your leadership, your excellent presentations, your good humor and the personal attention you gave to each and every member of the group. Educators can be very critical and ask many more questions than a typical tour group. You were certainly at ease with them and gained their respect. Enclosed is the tribute they sang to you on their last day. I hope to repeat a tour to Turkey in other three years and will certainly ask Emre to assign you to us. My very best wishes for a happy new year to you and your family, Sincerely,
Marion S.Korllos, Director, Travel Programs, Kent

Dear Necati,

I am writing to express my appreciation of the tour that my wife and I recently took with you. It was a wonderful experience and fulfilled all our expectations since we are both fascinated by the history of the past civilisations of the Middle East. Your detailed knowledge of the sites we visited added enormously to our enjoyment. May I say also that your organization of the tour was superb and was far better than any previous tour that we have undertaken: You also have that essential requirement of a tour manager, a sense of humour which is almost as keen as mine. I hope I didn't cause you any trouble with my lies but I am too old to change my ways now.(My wife tells me that I would make a very good tour manager so long as it didn't last more than 45 minutes.) If ever you come to the U.K. please let us know We would both be delighted to see you again.
David John, Cheltenham, UK

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